The Lipstick is better than the song

Fifth Harmony’s “I’m worth it” is a fabulous awesome song, nobody can stop ‘self from dancing to it. I love it. I show it to people and to people who don’t even like these types frivolous light music videos, they were left open mouthed so wide that they almost drooled. Was that a sign of lust or a sign of fatigue for keeping their mouth open for a long time, who knows! There is something about the video, the colour scheme, the super confident sensuous movements, there is definitely something unique about it.

But, I have a huge I mean HUGE problem with the song. See if somebody has to say “give it to me I’m worth it”, isn’t it sad? It is not like the L’Oreal ad where women are pampering themselves with good expensive things and saying to the world “I’m worth it!”  in that ad they are saying, I deserve this luxurious vibrant coloured lipstick, do not dare to judge me, “I’m worth it”. I know these types songs are not meant for deep thinking, they are only for grooves and moves, but just that one line bothers me and I cannot shake off a feeling of unjust and humiliation. My advice is if you need to remind somebody you are worth it, so they would give you things you deserve, no matter what is the thing, leave that place immediately, go somewhere where you don’t need to remind anybody anything. They know.


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