Zara or Zara Men’s That Is the Question

We have a shopaholic friend whose sole interest in life are coitus (all hail Dr. Sheldon Cooper), opposite homo erectus, her lingerie omnibus, makeup&brush, being slutty with a correct amount of virgin blush and having her name among the fashionistasYeah she lives and breaths cloths. So few days ago our herd was grazing about in our favourite pastureland, a shopping mall, obviously, and one of us announced to the rest of the fashionistas that that aforementioned friend is pregnant, no she was not there. And look at the fate, that time we were just crossing Zara. I had this brainwave and uttered something the way someone in the Genesis did, “Let there be light” or maybe like a high priestess from the Delphi, “She should name her child ZARA”, everybody nodded, then one asked anxiously, “if its a boy, then?” I said like a calm cool Himalayan saint who was just happened to be in h&m cloths with chocolate sauce of her dunkin donuts dripping from her mouth corner, “Then she should name him ZARA MEN’S”!


Good Movies Happen in South-Korea

Last night I watched The Wailing. It is a South-Korean horror movie. It was scary and good. I never knew so many good movies are made in South-Korea. I am literary in awe with South-Korean horror movies as well as their thrillers. Few days back I saw “I Saw the Devil”, “Tale of Two Sisters”, “Train to Busan”. There was another movie from S. Korea that I liked, “My Little Bride”. It is a romantic comedy and totally true to its type and a terrific tickler for ribs! So, what would be the conclusion? The conclusion is South-Korea is a good movie making country! I gave examples from each genre, horror, thriller and rom-com. But right now it feels right to give the snippets of the most recent watched one just to lure few people in into this gangnam styled country’s movie world.

The Wailing – the story takes place in a village. A cop gets the news of a murder, and a series of bizarre murders bewilderingly follow through. An undiagnosed sickness starts its round around the village. People start to talk about a Japanese stranger in the corner mountain who eats flesh. Now that aforementioned cop’s daughter gets sick. Before that the cop was portrayed as a somewhat stupid person, and not at all a brilliant investigator. But after his daughter’s sickness, he becomes a serious father trying to help his child. In some places the movie seems a bit dragged. But still I liked the movie.  The story has a quality of being a teen’s or children’s ghost story. I remember reading those stories in some of the monthly children’s magazines in my teens. There is a man whose eyes are red, suddenly rain starts to pour, a sudden power cut and a person is seen standing just outside the window, a disembowelled goat at the door, an exorcist. Oh my god, it is like the writer did not leave out any ingredients to cook up a tale of horror. There were certain comic elements in it, but only at the beginning of the movie, like two cops including the main protagonist hiding under the table at the police station during a power cut seeing someone standing outside the window, amorous look the cop’s wife while washing the cloths, the perpetually scared look of the simpleton village cop and so on. But the main reason I liked the movie is that the confusion it created, that whether it is a horror movie or a thriller which has nothing to do with supernatural. These types of works are always my favourite as it baffles your mind. Somewhere I read that this movie showed how unimaginative Hollywood movies are, I halfway agree. Why halfway? Because if I want to refute it by giving some Hollywood movie examples, I don’t know if it would turn out that some of those Hollywood plots are actually exported from South-Korea or Japan. I included Japan because I did not forget about Ringu and Dark Water.

I am done here, now I must leave, because I have an “Appointment with Death” in Petra, there will be Poirot too!

There Are Two Types of Men Regarding PMS

There are two types of men regarding PMS, yes, yes, “men”! There is so much awareness about PMS now. Everybody knows what it is. It is a phase women go through before their menstruation. Hormones go gaga, create havoc in women’s body and mind. Symptoms of PMS are bloating or puffiness, severe mood swings, sudden breakout of acne on a very specific area of one’s face like chin, or forehead. In simple words women feel shit. They become excessively sentimental, teensy weensy things make them cry, they become very sensitive, I mean more than usual. Things that they usually overlook suddenly becomes absolutely unavoidable, mistakes they normally forgive become an offence only to be squared with capital punishment like hanging somebody at town square on the scaffold, and obviously this time a man would be wearing the “scarlet letter”. The anger, the irritability, the wrath, the scorn of a woman during PMS is most of the times aimed at men (not always, please note!), and caused by imbalance of hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone, FSH (Follicle stimulating Hormone), LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and men. It is not like men become extra insensitive, non-thoughtful, unrefined when women are PMSing, they remain the same, it is just that women become more sensitive, more irritable and less patient than usual.

Now coming to the heading, yes there are two types of men regarding PMS – one, those who acknowledge a woman is PMSing, and that is why she is acting or rather behaving and reacting in a certain way, two, those who thinks the woman is being angry and nasty just for the sake of it and trying to cover up the certain behaviour as PMSing. I have nothing to say to the former ones, they are certainly fine examples of evolved human species (a rare, rare species), they understand science and women and to be more elaborate, women’s body and mind. They have accepted the fact that they make mistakes, and though throughout the month their mistakes are going to be pardoned or overlooked, during PMS, there will be severe reckoning. And they are okay with that, they prepare the hot water bags, microwave bean bags, keep the painkillers, juice, water on her bedside table, keep their hands ready on call for back massages, take her to long drives at 2 a.m. if her majesty whims so! Now the latter ones, I do not want to talk about them. Hey! my ears are hot, my hands and feet are cold and moist, my lower back and legs feel heavy and numb, I feel this blunt pain in my tummy (not heart, at least this time), I can actually feel blood rising to my brain, am I PMSing or just angry?

“The Girl on the Train” and “Gone Girl” (I know a Tom and I know an Amy)

I did not read “Gone Girl”. When it was published and got made into a movie, I wasn’t paying attention to the outside world. Actually during the entire hullabaloo around “Gone Girl”, I was deliberately living in my own bubble. Then people started asking me questions, “Have you read “Gone Girl”, you didn’t! It is awesome”. But I know those people too well to know that they have omitted, “I heard it is awesome”, “I saw and it is awesome”. Yes, they never read. By the way that is one of the reason I am here, because I want to find kindred spirits. So I watched “Gone Girl” and loved it. And then something happened, somebody told me I am like Amy. I was not happy to hear that.  Who would! I am not manipulative like Amy, I do not falsely write on diary and leave it out in the open for others to read, I do not kill people for personal gain, or kill for any other reason! When I don’t get my loved ones’ attention, I don’t hatch elaborate plans; I just shout and scream at them at their face then and there. And then if I feel I am imposing and not loved, I leave. Manipulation, I think eliminates one’s self worth and dignity. I go by the rule; one doesn’t have to ask for things, his or her loved ones should give it without being asked. Only then it will be called love and caring. If I am anything, I am opposite to Amy; my straightforward candour makes people uncomfortable. The person who compared me to Amy, tried to soothe me after my much displayed wrath by saying it was my intelligence that is like Amy’s. It worked, I calmed down. After all somebody admitting you are intelligent no matter in how shitty way is bound to calm you down and make you happy.

I was happy, but I kept a grudge.

“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins was published in January, 2015, and since then there was uproar about it, much like the “Gone Girl”.  It was even called “the next Gone Girl”. This time I was on full alert and read the book, and read it in two days. My mother read it in one and half day ( I think I inherited my speed for reading from her and my grandmother, but we will delve into that matter some other day). I seriously liked the book, as well as the movie. I think every girl would like “The Girl on the Train”. It has that quality that will appeal to girls. The thing is even when a girl is nothing like Rachel or like the other girls in the book, even when a girl is very happy in her life with a great job, house, fat salary, a doting boyfriend or husband, even then she would like the journey of Rachel. Everybody loves a good revenge story, a crime being solved, a victory of a world-beaten loser. The entire book was told from the perspectives of three very different girls, Rachel, Megan and Anna, yes they are very different but in a way very similar. Girls come with their own set of sorrows that are unique to their gender. A girl’s sorrow is sometimes so subtle that it is almost invisible like the flutters of a hummingbird’s wings or a burp of a butterfly or the poop of a mosquito (now how anti-climactic is that)! This book is saturated with women and their feelings and disappointments. One thing “The Girl on the Train” taught me is, if you think you felt something, you saw something, you heard something, no matter how vague it is, how uncertain you are about it, stick to your opinion. Remember the old-wives’ tale of women’s intuition? If there is a talk about women’s intuition that is so abstract, then one must not overlook their mere five senses! So, if someone comes to you saying you imagined what you heard that day, you assumed what was not there, you jumped to conclusion about a creepy feeling, DO NOT change your verdict. It is probably exactly what you are thinking. Accept your intelligence, rely on your intuition, trust you guts, that’s what all the great detectives in the world do anyway!

So about my grudge, what did I do? Nothing. I just told him, “You are like Tom from “The Girl on the Train”. I had the last laugh!

Sherlock to Surrealism

Few weeks ago watched Dr. Strange Love. Loved it. After Sherlock, I am an avowed Benedict Cumberbatch  fan. In one of his interview he said his fans are calling themselves cumberbitches. He told them to have respect for themselves and is not feminism back! I can proudly say I am a cumberbitch. What is this with British men! I sometimes ask myself (yes, I have lots time in my hand) why I love Benedict Cumberbatch so much, is it because he plays Sherlock, the ultimate greatest detective in the world and I am a sucker for Sherlock? By the way here I must mention that I was also a little bit of in love with Jeremy Brett. He was the first Sherlock I saw on screen. I was so happy; I could not believe I was seeing something so fascinating. For the first time I watched Sherlock Holmes was at one of my relatives’ house. It was, “The Adventure of Sussex Vampire” from the casebook of Sherlock Holmes. I was speechless, I could not believe such story, and that such show could exist on earth. Now when I look back I think that was a turning point of my life. At home we did not have cable. So next time when I watched Sherlock Holmes by Jeremy Brett was in high school. This time I watched every single episode to my heart’s content. I was in awe for that person, but again I think it was because he played Sherlock. So now I am head over heels in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, I think it is also because he portrays my favorite character on screen. Here I must mention something that may seem a digression. Few days back I was watching “My Fair Lady”. Last time I watched it was many years ago, and totally missed Jeremy Brett who played Freddy Eynsford-Hill, a possible suitor for Eliza Doolittle.

My liking for Sherlock was a bit different than my liking for Poirot or Miss Marple. I want to be Poirot or Ms. Marple, hell, I think I am Poirot or Ms. Marple but Sherlock is someone I want to make fall in love with me. Oh that troubled soul, that coke addiction, that unworldly intelligence, that soulful music of his violin, that superior attitude. But then I realised in some ways I am like him. I sometimes think I am surrounded with people who are not getting something that is absolute obvious or just in front of them. I realised things that others don’t, and that sometimes give me a supercilious attitude. People around me find it irritating, I am not blaming them. I forgive them! But the problem is others have accepted Sherlock’s depth of understanding and perspective but not mine! What can you do! Oh wait so I want be Sherlock’s girlfriend and I myself is (I think!) a bit like Sherlock that means I am in love with me! I am a narcissus! What a surprise (severe eye rolling)!

Now about Doctor Strangelove, I did not start talking about the movie just because of Benedict Cumberbatch, but something else intrigued me, in the movie the characters have this power to fold, unfold matters or things around them. When it was happening I realised it has a strong resemblance to surrealism. In surrealistic paintings one can see a staircase is going nowhere, a man walking on the roof, a building is dividing itself in parts and those parts falling down and then rebuilding another building. So yes, Doctor Strangelove has peculiar similarities with the works of Salvador Dali, M. C Escher, Picasso. My question is was the director did this knowingly or not! Okay, let me ponder over the strangeness of the world a little bit more with a fresh cup of tea.

The Agony of a Sequel Writer – Sophie Hannah, David Lagercrantz, Tilly Bagshawe

How do we feel when we learn that our favourite author is no more? How do we feel when we realised that we are rapidly running out of our favourite author’s books or our favourite series? We feel sad. And then suddenly there is an announcement. A new Poirot mystery is coming. A new Lisbeth Salander book is coming. There is another Sydney Sheldon mystery is there. When I came to know about this, I was happy. But the aftermath of a new Poirot mystery made me believe that, not everybody was happy like me. Sophie Hannah the author to whom the responsibility was given to further the Poirot mysteries was vehemently attacked as was Agatha Christie’s great grandson James Prichard. Okay, so let me go into details. There is an institute that manages Agatha Christie legacy. The head of that management is Agatha Christie’s great grandson. So that trust or management chose Sophie Hannah to write another Poirot mystery. She just did not wake up one morning and published a Poirot. Nobody can do that, there is a thing called “copyright”, remember? People approached her, and she wrote. Now about people criticising James Prichard, Agatha Christie’s great grandson, I do not know whether he did it to make profit. I do not know his ulterior motive, I am not Poirot! What I know is I was happy when I learned that there was a Poirot mystery coming, and I have not read it yet. That was enough for me. I am an insomniac, and at night I read. Just few months before the “Monogram Murders” publication I had finished the entire series of Poirot. So I got hold of “Monogram Murders” as soon as possible. I read it, and I loved it. To be honest it was evident quite blatantly that it was not written by Agatha Christie. But there were few places where Sophie Hannah was almost there. As an avowed Agatha Christie fan, I know that that is a big deal. Both in “Monogram Murders” and “Closed Cascade” Sophie Hannah tried to create the familiar ambience of Agatha Christie. So in “Monogram Murders” there is the description of hotel, London street and in addition to that the walks and the investigation in countryside. In “Closed Cascade” on the other hand there is that all too familiar a grand house, staircases, detailed description of all the guests and the position of their respective rooms. And Sophie Hannah was able to put all the measurements so well. The distance from one place to another, from the upper floor room to the ground floor library always played a vital role in Agatha Christie mystery. In this book Hannah explored a side of human nature that interests and annoys me at the same time. I do not want to give away the ending, but it was the main trait of the murderer. Now I am not going to say more. Just that no one can surpass Agatha Christie. But anything that even resembles Agatha Christie gives me immense happiness. But then anything written after Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple or Poirot is always going to have a resemblance, a shadow of its predecessors.

Something very unusual happened with “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” series. I watched the movies first, the Noomi Rapace Michael Nyqvist ones, the Swedish ones. And then I read the books. It was not a conscious decision, it just happened that I came across the movies first and then found the books. At a stretch read all three and thoroughly enjoyed them. Then I thought it would be great to have a few more of Lisbeth’s ventures. Then discovered the author Steig Larsson has died in 2004. I was disheartened. It was, I thought in every possible way, an untimely death. I dug deeper, as I always do, and came to know about the whole uproar about the Steig Larsson legacy that was garnered after “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” fame and the feud about it between Larsson family and his partner of 30 years Eva Grabrielsson. I think it was unfortunate that such ugly thing had to happen around that great writer. He could not even see his literary and monetary success. And I do not think that he was bothered about money. All he probably wanted to do was to write. Only after the greats leave, the petty commoners fight about his fruits of labour. But let’s not concentrate on this unpleasant issue anymore. Let’s talk about the 4th instalment of the series, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagarcrantz. It was published in 2015. I liked it, because again I was happy to read another Lisbeth thriller. The author kept the essence alive. There is internet, hacking, cyber-crime, dark web, malware, an inter-continental conspiracy, complicated relationships. Lagarcrantz loyally kept situations also the same and why not, if the characters are the same! So in “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” also Lisbeth spends time looking at Gamla Stan in the evening, alone. But what is intriguing is that the 4th book ends with Lisbeth at Blomkvist’s door as in the 3rd book ends with Blomkvist at Lisbeth’s door. In spite these similarities, I would say Lagarcrantz was already protected from criticism because the story was so infused with technical details, that it was quite difficult to find loopholes regarding trueness of Steig Larsson.

The first Sidney Sheldon book I read was “If Tomorrow Comes”. I think I was in my early twenties. So for obvious reason I was enthralled. The female protagonist Tracy Whitney was a character who was bound to be appealing to girls. A girl who was initially mild and polite, but after going through an ordeal she emerges as this strong person who avenges all the wrong doings. The hero Jeff Stevens was a perfect foil to her. Sidney Sheldon was often criticised for his graphic sexual description. But I noticed something else, suppose in one page you are reading about a graphic description, but on the next page there will be a twist that can just blow the reader’s mind. I also read his autobiographical memoir “The Other Side of Me”. Only two things I can still remember from that book, firstly how his family used to cut the toothpaste tube so they did not waste anything and secondly he suffered from bi-polar disorder. I do not know why I remember these two things. By the way his most famous novel is “Rage of Angels”; the female protagonist is Jennifer Parker. It is an unusual novel. And the ending is… No, nothing! So the publisher of Sheldon’s books Hachette Book Group wanted more Seldonesque books and they decided that this British author Tilly Bagshawe has a similar writing style, and so came Tracy’s “Chasing Tomorrow”, “Reckless”. There was “Mistress of the Game”, sequel to “Master of the Game” which was my favourite Sidney Sheldon book. I read Tilly Bagshawe’s other books too. What can I say; you should read her books if you do not want to put any strain on your brain. See, it was like you are on a diet, but sometimes you eat few packets of chips and coke. Her books are like that. So my reaction to Tilly’s Sidney Sheldon’s sequels is lukewarm, because those could be Tilly Bagshawe novels without few names that have appeared already in Sidney Sheldon.

So the point i am trying to make through this long article is these sequel writers did not snatch the torch but was given to carry it further.

The Girl with Subtle Revenges and No Tattoos

Why I like revenge thrillers! Why does anybody like revenge stories? It is very simple actually. It gives readers a sense of achievement, a contentment. There is also that justice being done angle. When a person decides to avenge the wrong doing that has been done to him, it automatically creates a goal for him, right? So when the goal is achieved everybody is happy. And that is why we watch movies, read books. We become one with the characters and start to live his or her life, his or her happiness becomes ours, his or her sorrows make us cry as our own. A fictional character’s revenge becomes my revenge. If anyone asks me what part of taking revenge I like the best, I would say the very process of taking revenge.  The careful planning. And that is why I like Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander. This girl with all her tattoos and piercings is like an inspiration. Lisbeth was deprived from any normalcy since her childhood, and she had this gift, this talent that nobody understood, so nobody helped her when she could have done some good with it. Then after such ordeal that was her teen life, finally in her early twenties she managed to have some sort of respite, a system, something nearing to a normal life but again it was shattered by an incident. She got raped and brutally tortured. After the incident what does she do? She could not go to the police, she hated authority probably more than she hated her rapist, so you would expect her to at least cry her hearts out, and blame her fate maybe? Nope, after leaving her rapist’s house she bought painkillers, antibiotics. She went back to her place, took a hot shower, had few pain killers, antibiotics, and sleeping pills and slept. After sleeping for hours, she woke up and had some food. She knew that to take revenge she would need her strength back, the strength that had been taken away. But thankfully it was her physical strength that was harmed; her mind had the strength of an iron column. So she then plotted her revenge with an ice cool head. She considers pros and cons and hatched her plan to set the score right.

Yes, I like the “planning” part of taking revenge. All those minute details of a revenge plan attract me. The very process is enticing. I like planning, but do not worry I do not need to plan to avenge anything so big. Just the very idea of planning something makes me happy; in my case sadly it is almost always a get-together or a movie plan. Is it because nothing brutal ever happened to me like Lisbeth? Maybe. But things have happened to me too, silly little things. I think everybody has something no matter how small, that itch them to tread on the path of revenge. I also plan to take revenge, but luckily I think I can do that just by going on writing. I don’t need a sword, I have my pen, oh no, wait a minute( oh my god, what do I do, how do I turn this around!!) I meant to say my keyboard. I will not shed any blood, I will write my revenge in ink, (oh god, not again) I meant to say on Microsoft word! (What is happening? Is technology actually literary killing poetry of words?) Yes, after writing these few lines I am set on my goals to take revenge more than ever. I tell everybody “I am not a forgetting forgiving kind of girl”, I tell people “when I am good I am good, when I am bad I am better” (remember Demi Moore from Charlie’s Angel?). Obviously those statements are made for empty vacuous dramatic effect and let’s admit we all love creating melodrama around our life, after all we all love the idea of being the main protagonist of a novel. The women in my family especially my maternal side thrives on melodrama. So I am also no exception. But I need to start taking my revenges that are overdue for a long long time.  But first I need a good cup of tea.

Post Scriptum: I wrote the above lines few weeks ago, and just today I heard somebody saying “an unforgiving person gets wrinkles early”. Just now I forgave everybody!

Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Val Mcdermid

I’m a thriller/murder mystery junky. I tell people Agatha Christie is my god. There was a book in our home I saw lying here and there since I was a child, that book was “A Murder Is Announced”. I used to write my name on the pages of “A Murder Is Announced”. Actually I practiced writing my name after learning how to write my name, and used “A Murder Is Announced” as a copybook! Now I go through that book, see my unsteady name on its pages and feel stupid.

I have the entire collection of Agatha Christie, but I don’t write my name on its pages anymore.  I’m a grownup now and I write my name with a steady hand, I write it, sign it on official forms and also like everybody else have developed a personalized style. Ahem…ahem! I have read “A Murder Is Announced”, obviously. The second Agatha Christie or to be more exact Ms. Marple book I read was “Nemesis”.  I was speechless. The story was so unique. I don’t want to reveal the story, because there are still people in the world who haven’t read Christie yet. God bless them! See here I’m trying to be sarcastic but I know I dare not because there are zillions of books I myself haven’t read yet.

We were talking about “Nemesis”, yes. The way this story starts slowly in St. Mary Mead with Ms. Marple reading her morning paper and then takes up pace and ends with head whirling outcome. That subtle hint of homosexuality presented by Christie is well crafted. It was like out of curtsy Christie could not openly citing it but giving enough reasons for reader to decide the obvious. When Ms. Marple was given that poisoned milk because she got too close to the murderer, I was biting my nails; I sat up on my bed in tension and finished rest of the novel. The gloom and sad terror of that house engulfed me. I guess you have to read it to know it.

With Agatha Christie I fell in love with English countryside. It gives me a sense of calm, a sense of peace, and a sense of belonging, and why do I of all people feel a sense belonging to English countryside I don’t  know, it’s a mystery!  Just now while actually writing the last sentence I realized that what these books gave me was an escape. After a while I came across Ruth Rendell and Val Mcdermid. But how did I come across Rendell and Mcdermid? When I was sadly realizing with unnatural restlessness that Ms. Marple and Poirot cases were rapidly being solved because of my devouring them at an alarming pace, I started looking for other similar types of books. I blatantly and very crudely googled “other authors like Agatha Christie” and found and liked Rendell.  First Ruth Rendell book that I read was “From Doon with Death”. It was also Rendell’s first Wexford mystery. It also had something very similar to “Nemesis”. Truth to be told I was re-reading “Nemesis” last week and realized that “”Nemesis” and “From Doon with Death” have a subtle similarity. But it is not a surprise because Rendell is often times called modern Christie. And I hope she did not mind, but then who would! Through Rendell’s Wexford mysteries I got the chance to again walk through English countryside. Rendell and Christie’s countryside, the society, people are quite similar. In the first book there was nothing about Reginald Wexford, the detective’s personal life, but as I read more his entire life unveiled in front of me. No, he does not have a life of an adventurer. He is quite domesticated with wife and two daughters. Entire Wexford series covers his life when his daughters are in their teens to when his grandchildren are off to college. What makes him a hero of a story is his extra ordinary detection skill and what makes him a human is his momentary lapse when he cannot help but feeling attracted to a beautiful girl though he loves his wife Dora to death. In “The Monster in the Box”, there is a description of Wexford-Dora love story and the subsequent marriage. There is aloso Wexford’s trusty associate Mike with whom he always go to some new restaurant that has opened in the town. Their venture into these new theme based restaurants is always hilarious.

I found Val Mcdermid through Steig Larson. In “Girl with Dragon Tattoo” Blomkvist would go to that cabin in Hedeby Island and to fight off loneliness he would buy few books of Val Mcdermid. Mcdermid’s England is a contemporary and modern England. Her Detective duo is DCI Carol Jordan and Dr. Tony Hill. Carol Jordan is a strong woman who runs her own team. While handling a case she will come in contact with Dr. Tony Hill, a psychiatrist. There will be a mutual attraction but it will soon come to the light that Dr. Hill is impotent. I was shocked because I have never seen a detective who has such fallibility, but it has only made Tony Hill a human just like Wexford but for reasons that are poles apart. And the mysteries! Yes, they were worth my time, my mind and my nights. It was in one of Mcdermid’s book “The Mermaid Singing” that for the first time I came across few pages that I actually skipped for its brutality. And I read John Sandford and Pierre l’ Maitre for god’s sake!

As I told earlier in Tony Hill-Carol Jordan books the England is the present England. Here various characters frequently frequent curry houses meaning Indian restaurants. There are often mentions of poppadum, onion pakora, butter chicken, nans. I like these detailed descriptions. In any novel detail description of a house, rooms, dresses, food help me connect with the story and characters more. I want to know what was there on the table by the window; I want to know the colours of the curtains, the upholstery. I want novels to be like pre-Raphaelite poetry where they paint with their words and wrote with colours.

Be it Christie, Rendell or Mcdermid, the  mornings, the evenings, love, hate, crimes, twisted  human minds and adamant intelligent detectives with their tenacious continuous effort to bring justice is always the same.  But whatever thriller I read, at the end I find they are just another story of people.